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Adjustable Beds have become very popular over the past few years and it’s understandable why this is. With a Flexirest adjustable base, you can set your bed into an infinite number of positions that suit “Your” body and sleep comfort need best. Whats most important when choosing an adjustable bed base however is the Quality of the base and what Back up Service and Support is provided with it!

Flexirest Adjustable Bed Bases

Models & Details

AB2 (SBKDZ) – Flexirest Foldable Base

Contemporary Slim Design upholstered in Black Commercial Fabric – base comes folded for easy transport delivery. No joining required, just fold open.

LV1. Flexirest Massage Adjustable Base

Fully Featured Ensemble style base with built in variable speed Massage, upholstered in Commercial Charcoal fabric. 70° Head/Back Elevation & 48° Foot/Leg Elevation

BTAB3.  Flexirest “Floating” Bluetooth, Massage, USB Base

Premium Floating style base with fixed surround, upholstered in Commercial Charcoal fabric.

LIFT.  Flexirest “LIFT” Base with Massage, USB, Underbed Lights

Modern style LIFT base with fixed surround, upholstered in Commercial Charcoal fabric.

Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg LIFT base. (LIFT-TR2.0-KS)

Modern style LIFT base with extra 2 x Tilt motors allowing for 15-degree Trendelenburg & 15-degree Reverse Trendelenburg function.


Many & Varied Health Benefits

Our Beds help to relieve and assist the following ailments:

Back pain, Circulation, Snoring, Breathing, Asthma, Tension, ,Acid reflux, Sleep, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia


The Flexirest Advantage

Our Full Range of Adjustable Beds, come with the following features.

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